Demonology Aazel Contrast Colour Hoodie

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Aazel (Synokrad, Nekdeb). Lower earth demon. He sits on the chest of his sleeping victims, slowly stalking his life. Sometimes over several nights. He is no bigger than a goat and his black skin robs all light in the night. His tongue is split and he carries the face of a very old dead man. He lives in the woods where the wolves do not howl. There is a superstition that says he comes only through a open window and can be driven out only with wet brooms ... but that's just superstition.

S 670 mm 510 mm 590 mm
M 700 mm 560 mm 605 mm
L 730 mm 610 mm 620 mm
XL 760 mm 650 mm 635 mm
XXL 790 mm 690 mm 650 mm